Living "The Cowgirl's Way" In New Mexico

Our Business story, The Cowgirl's Way NM, begins with our Cowboy Heritage.  Our family has generations of cowboys and cowgirls who lived the western lifestyle.​
Our business began in 1995 and was originally located in Belen, New Mexico.  Our name then was The Cowboy's Way.  In 1999, we moved our store to the old Day homestead located near Pie Town, New Mexico, which is where it is located today.​

Our business preserves our love for cowboy  and cowgirl traditions like rodeos, silver and turquoise, horses, cattle, the western lifestyle, dirt roads, cowboy hats and cowboy boots!​

We strive to bring our customers a unique selection of western, southwestern, and cowgirl decor home furnishings, as well as striking, bold and exciting women's southwestern apparel and accessories.

​Our products are shipped within 2 -3 days to the location of your choice.​

Who We Are

My Grandparents, Marion and Love, used to ride horseback from the homestead to the nearest town for the Friday night dance.  Grandpa Marion (Dado to us) would play the fiddle for the dance.  When evening came to an end, they would saddle-up again and make the long ride home.  If they got tired, they would just unroll their sleeping bags and sleep under the stars.  We have never lost the love and the desire to live the Western Lifestyle, which includes the furnishings in the house.

You see, our family is proud of it's real "Cowboy Heritage" and our lifestyle depicts this right down to the light switches on the wall.  

We should mention that we are native New Mexicans and still live on the old  homestead, that was claimed over 100 years ago. 

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